On Christmas Eve many Christians will go to church late at night for candlelight service. During the religious event the lights in the church will be turned off. A candle is lit and used to light others held by each person in the church. This symbolizes hope in darkness.
  - Lindsey Bard
  在平安夜,許多基督徒會為了燭光禮拜而半夜去教堂。在宗教活動中,教堂里所有的蠟燭都會被熄滅的。然後有一隻蠟燭會被點燃,然後用這支蠟燭把教堂里其他人手裡的蠟燭點燃。這樣的儀式寓意著(點燃)黑暗中的希望。  (原標題:The candlelight service story)

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