MouJerDong This may explain how come MouJerDong telling his people to love him instead of loving their parents, because MouJerDong loving all of them more than their parents did to anyone of them, MouJerDong willing to sacrify whatever unknown his personal interests to service all of them, their parents brought them into this world all showed those parent either stupi 租屋d like I was too stupid to know the earth life's deadly ahead or bad ugly evil like Jungshiau Lin to use them as tools to fill his personal evil mind. MouJerDong loving his country and people so big enough to give him the strength to unify China National language, he loving 房屋出租 his country so big enough to give him the force to detail every citizens names on the recorded listed, he did those tough actions, not for his personal gain, he did those unthinkable hard job because he knew that a must for Chinese people to have a better tomorrow. No man is perfect, of course MouJerDo 禮服ng not perfect, but imperfect cannot deny his perfect motive from his big loving heart. Therefore, world wide leaders you must learn the good better best, do not follow the low lower lowest. MouJerDong's good idea you must learn and keep in mind all the time, to be a leader you must make sure you have a true loving hear 買屋網t to love what your job must take, if you find out you are short of the love needed or your are loveless for the people you are serving, you must quit, no matter what, even that means you are starving to die, you must quit that job too, because if you do things as per your loving motive, you will have God's bless all the time, no matter how hard 居酒屋a>ship ahead of you, with God's bless, you will have no problem to pass through, without God's bless, you have no way to come back as human form. You must not follow the low point that MouJerDong mistaken of force to his people, use force to your people, any good action becomes distasteful, egg is delicious, yet parents force kids to eat, kids will not like it no m 開幕活動atter how good the egg looked delicious to anyone else, therefore, public officials and career politicians, you must do better to figure out better idea to lead you stupid bad ugly evil civilians, you know to list all their names's the action must take to protect and guard all of them, yet they are too stupid bad ugly evil to know your good heart, therefore, you must show them the "po 濾桶wer of honesty" to benefit all of them, therefore, you must figure out how to share your national land under every your man and woman's individual name, to mail them the share they are intitled to have every 10 or whatever years convinent or efficient to them, your people can still have the freedom to buy the land they like, yet you must make it very clear in the bargain contract that any land they bought ex 新成屋ceeding his or her intitled shares they may be needed to return to the public freely depending on how hardship the financial your country may face at that time, if your government full of available income, you can get the market price, if your government lack of fund to pay the public must need stuffs, you may have nothing to get but surrender your out of shares parts. You must make sure the names of your citizens represents only the real o 關鍵字行銷ne citizen, so that every one can have their deserve fair shares. You must make sure every citizen listed is alive, therefore, you need examine the dead body faithfully to make sure that body indeed belongs to your real citizen and remove his or her name to the dead list just in case you may need to double check for unknown needs.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 新成屋  .

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